e-PDF 1

Utility to create PDF documents on your computer

e-PDF is a versatile tool for creating your own PDF files, which doubles as a PDF viewer for all of your PDF documents. e-PDF also enables you to edit or print any PDF file on your hard drive easily; making this application an all in one PDF suite. This software resolves the common problem of edition features for PDF files. Until now you had to purchase a different tool for creating and editing PDF documents, since most programs are only capable of reading the files. e-PDF can handle any task regarding PDF files without need of additional tools. Create your PDF document and add text, hyperlinks, drawings, etc. You can move and resize the different images and elements, and use them however you wish. Create great texts with the features included for font size, multiple fonts, font colors, background colors, etc. It even has drawing features for adding your own boxes, lines, ovals, and more. e-PDF is an all-in-one solution for your PDF tasks.